Bulked up? Here are some ways to get rid of fitness related stretch marks

Before you start hating stretch marks, congratulate yourself for making it this far.  Stretch marks are the result of your muscles growing too fast and your skin not being able to pick up.  Ugh!  Don´t you hate it?  But the good news is that you can get rid of those stretch marks.

Now, we do not intend to sugar-coat it for you but you should know that getting rid and preventing stretch marks can be daunting.  In fact, you will probably have them and be fighting against them all the time.  But don´t lose hope.  There actually are ways in which you can make those marks become almost invisible over time.

What are stretch marks?

Yes, we know you have seen them and know them.  But what are stretch marks, really?  Are they a skin condition or scars?  Well, doctors agree that they are scars.  They are caused when the skin’s collagen suffers too much stretching.

There are two types, the red marks happen in the early stage and the white ones are the old ones.  In medical terms, these are known as “striae” and happen when the skin stretches very fast but the skin does not produce new cells at the same rate.

Ways to get rid of fitness-related stretch marks

You are probably thinking of using laser techniques to get rid of those pesky marks.  Do keep in mind that, even though it can help, getting rid of the marks altogether is nearly impossible.  Follow these simple tips to help you get rid of fitness-related stretch marks.

  • Massage the skin daily with a massage glove or a moisturizer to help blood circulation in the area. This will encourage new tissue to grow.  You can use topical creams containing ceramides, almond oil, or vitamin E. Ask your masseuse to include it within your massage therapy.
  • Another effective component found in stretch mark creams is hyaluronic acid, which can help reduce the formation of stretch marks.
  • This study from the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology found out that subjects who applied silicone gel into their abdomens for six weeks had a reduction of stretch mark pigmentation.
  • Rebuild collagen using retinoic acid, which is a component of vitamin A.  It can be found in Tretinoin.
  • There is always the laser option that is pretty effective at easily getting rid of those marks.  The price for the treatment varies depending on the area and size of the marks.  They can go anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per treatment.