Can Exercise Cause Acne?

People are constantly worried if exercise can actually cause acne. We talked to Mike, a personal trainer at Thrive Fitness to get to the bottom of this issue.

Well, this is actually a well-grounded concern because exercise can indeed cause acne. The reason behind this is that exercise can trigger the processes that are often connected with acne. This being the case, you should not be dissuaded to exercise if you’re interested in keeping a beautiful skin. Proper hygiene should be your main priority instead of not working out.

Acne Risk Factor

There are several causes of acne. Dead skin cells that are not removed from the skin can trap oil and block the pores. When your pores are fully clogged with dirt, it will form pustules. Bacteria are also a common cause of acne. Although they reside outside of the skin, they can enter open wounds and cause acne. Perhaps the most common cause of acne is stress—and who isn’t stressed nowadays?

Gland Secretion

Sebum oil which is released through the pores of the skin is excreted at a really fast rate when you exercise. The sweat, oil, and dirt are then deposited and accumulate in the pores of the skin which forms acne. The best way to prevent this from happening is to regularly clean your face. If you don’t regularly clean your face, it can result in the development of pimples.

Cleaning the Skin

Cleaning the skin through regular washing is the best way to remove sebum oil and sweat. Make sure to use gentle soap because anything with harsh chemicals can easily exacerbate the occurrence of skin irritation and acne. You also have to use a soft cloth when cleaning your skin.

Acne Treatment

After you have washed your skin, it is a good idea to apply medication to the infected skin. This will break down the oil and dead skin that is starting to form in your skin. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and are both used to remove dead skin and to eliminate the thing that accumulates on the skin. If you can find a lotion that has this medication, it’s good to use it on your skin.

Acne Prevention

If you want to prevent acne from occurring, clean your skin after you exercise. The longer you wait, the more time you give the acne to develop. If you can’t have a full bath after you work out, even just rinsing your face will go a long way in preventing acne to develop.

While exercise can cause acne, it doesn’t have to discourage you from maintaining your level of fitness. There are ways to prevent acne and it’s easily treatable. You have to continue maintaining your fitness and worry little about acne because the benefit far outweighs the risks.

Do you have experience with exercise causing acne? Do you worry too much about this that you’re willing to stop working out? While this is not the right thing to do, would you like to share your experience in the comment section below?