Can massages reduce cellulite or remove wrinkles?

As we get older our skin becomes less tight and elastic than it was in our prime. This is an inevitable result of getting older, no matter what the pharmaceuticals might say there is no anti-ageing cream that will prevent this but you can lessen the prominence of wrinkles and do it in a natural way that is better for your health.

Cellulite is another cause for concern which affects woman most of all. This is a fat that forms under the skin causing lumpy irregularities over the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. It usually happens when fat cells build up between fibrous tissues which connect your skin to your underlying muscle. This fat pushes your skin outward while the fibrous band pull your skin inward, resulting in these uneven indentions. Likewise, no ‘one step cures all’ solution exists for this but, like wrinkles, their appearance can be lessened using natural remedies. First among these is massage therapy.

Facial massages

Massage therapy is a very popular method for health and wellness. It’s enjoyed increasing popularity over the years and it’s easy to see why. It’s quite inexpensive and can bring many lasting results such as reduced stress, better sleep and more energy in the day. Facial massages are recommended for dealing with wrinkles and with persistent application, they can yield long lasting results. Facial massages accomplish this by stimulating the circulation of blood through the body. This helps to flush out toxins and bring more nutrients through your bloodstream. This helps in reducing wrinkle formation and leaves your skin feeling fresh and elastic again.

The handy thing about facial massages is that you can do them yourself, but for best results, you should arrange to see a qualified massage therapist like Adam Harris. To gain the full benefits of this you’ll need to have a facial massage weekly or at least bi-weekly in order to get consistent benefits.

Treatment for cellulite

A vigorous massage treatment can help deal with the onset of cellulite. Just as it can reduce wrinkles so it can also deal with cellulite. A deep tissue massage can invigorate the blood and lead to greater circulation through the body. This help pushes toxins out which is a cause of cellulite and bring helpful nutrients through your bloodstream. In order to be effective through, the treatment needs to be done consistently. Depending on how bad the cellulite is you may need to supplement it with other treatments. Your massage therapist can give recommendations based on their own assessment. As every case may be a little different, so different treatments will be recommended for each person.

Other alternatives

Health professionals acknowledge that, at present, current technologies cannot yet address cellulite, making it difficult to treat effectively. They recommend, along with massage therapy, also keeping fit and healthy with regular exercise. Losing weight and gaining greater muscle strength will reduce the amount of fat that is causing the cellulite and make them far less noticeable.

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