Skin problems you can get from your dog

We love our pets, they’re always there to provide a furry paw or lick on the face whenever we’re feeling down. If we didn’t have them when needed life would be much harder for a lot of us.

But as much as we love them they can be a problem for our health if were not careful. Whenever we let them get close we have to remember that they can carry a lot of harmful bacteria and creepy crawlies. As they roam around in the backyard or come back from a dog walk, they can pick up a lot of bacteria, fungi and a variety of bugs that can then be passed on to you. These can cause a range of infections when passed to humans and lead to a number of skin problems. This article will introduce you to some of the and how you can protect yourself and your best friend from them.

MRSA and other bacteria’s

You may have heard of the dreaded MSRA infection that is spreading through hospitals and the wider community. The Staphylococcus aureus bacteria can cause a serious infection from just a small cut and can be resistant to many common antibiotics. The infection is commonly spread from human to another, usually when you share a personal item like a razor or towel. The infection looks like small pimples around your skin that if not treated quickly can spread to your bloodstream and organs.

You can also catch this infection from cats or dogs but only after they’ve come into contact with a human who carries the infection. If the animal bits someone the infection can get into the bloodstream. The best way to avoid it is to not get too close to any dogs or cats you don’t know or trust. if you do get bitten be sure to wash it out with warm water and antiseptic. Consult your doctor is the wound is deep.


This is a common infection that takes the form of red ring shaped rashes around the skin that can be itchy and scaly. It’s very contagious and can easily pass from one person to another, including from a pet to you. Dogs and cats can carry this, especially when young. If you notice any bald patches on your pet’s fur you may want to get them checked by a vet before snuggling up to them. If you catch ringworm it can be treated with an antifungal cream, if it’s a serious case your doctor can prescribe a stronger version.

There are also herbs for your dogs skin problems.

Rocky Mountain Spotted fever

Despite its name this infection, known as Rickettsia rickettsia, has spread to both coasts. It’s carried by ticks which once inside your dog’s circular system can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, red eyes and bleeding problems. This can spread to you if the ticks bit you in turn. Symptoms include a red spotted rash, a high fever, nausea and committing. It can become serious but luckily it can also be easily treated with antibiotics if caught early. Protect your dog and yourself against this by checking them regularly for ticks and keeping yourself well covered when treating them.

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