Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Acne develops on the skin due to excess oil on the skin, dead cells clogging the pore, and bacteria. Acne can be divided into three categories and they are:

  • Mild Acne
  • Moderate Acne and
  • Severe Acne

Hormonal changes in the body often leads to formations of acne. The blockage of pore prevents them to function and acne cause further damage to the skin. Sebaceous glands are high in number in face, shoulder, chest, and back. Therefore, acne is more likely to develop in these areas. Visit your dermatologist if you notice a developing acne on your skin.

Symptoms of Pimples

Several types of pimples have been identified and they are:

  1. Papules
  2. Cysts
  3. Pustules
  4. Blackheads
  5. Whiteheads

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars:

Laser treatment is the best available cure for acne scars. It can completely remove the acne scars within a couple of days. This cure can be easily carried in a dermatologist’s office/chamber. Micro fine laser light is used to remove the damaged upper layer of skins. Your body naturally heals within the next couple of day. The dermatologist may use anesthesia to lessen any pain.

Different Types of Laser Treatment:

There are a number of laser treatment available for different types of acne scars. Depending on the acne scarring your dermatologist will select the appropriate laser treatment. Laser Treatment works for different types of skin and it develop fine skin texture.

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser is a very expensive treatment and it is used to reduce the appearance of fine line, wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and more. Learn what other people have to say regarding Fraxel Laser.

Carbon Dioxide Lasers

One of the primitive type of lasers invented was Carbon Dioxide Lasers. It uses continuous light beams that removes upper layer of skin with low thermal damage to the skin. Learn more about Carbon Dioxide Lasers.

Pixel Laser

Pixel laser is the best laser treatment available. It is highly recommended to visit a plastic surgeon for laser treatment and Dermatologist for active pimples. Because plastic surgeons are experts in facial reconstructions. Learn more about Pixel Laser

Advantages of Laser Treatment

  1. Laser Treatment accelerates the bodies healing capabilities.
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Low Operation Time
  4. Zero Pain

Disadvantages of Laser Treatment

Visit a certified skin center to get the most out of the treatment. Besides the large group of advantages of laser treatment, it has got some disadvantages as well which occurs due to wrong treatment.

  1. Wrong Treatment can cause saggy skin, reddish skin.
  2. Swelling may occur
  3. Formation of cyst and dilated blood vessel
  4. Change in the pigmentation of skin